Teachers: Greg Brenner (high school government); Jaime Meyers (middle school English); Jason Steliga (high school science).

Summer is here for our teachers! Well, almost here. (Sorry Greg.) And they are in a reflective mood.

First up: what does the alleged assault of a journalist by a politician in Montana say about our societal norms? Does it change, at all, how teachers feel about counseling kids to not use violence to solve their problems? Plus, we tackle teen pregnancy. The story of one girl who was barred from walking at her school’s graduation went viral. What do schools do well (and not so well) about dealing with the challenge of teen pregnancy? Finally, our teachers look back on the students--that for better and worse--made an impact on them this year.

  • One conservative commentator called the case of Greg Gianforte a “moral test” for the Republican Party.

  • The case of Maddi Runkles in Maryland drew national attention to how her school punished her for her pregnancy.

  • The Atlantic’s new audio project “What My Students Taught Me” inspired our teachers to think of students who have impacted them.

Kids These Days:

  • Jaime: Fidget spinners are still in and getting ever-more sophisticated.

  • Greg: His students are all about getting summer jobs. The most popular places to land? The farmer’s market and a local amusement park.

  • Jason: He’s soaking in the graduation parties thrown by his students’ families. He’s now been around long enough that it will be the third child from that family he’s gone to a graduation party for.

Music used in this episode is Inspiring Corporate and Scottish Indie by Scott Holmes; all have been edited.