Cody Wyoming and Kimmie Queen have been creating music as a couple in Kansas City for 12 years. They have carefully selected four Kansas City musicians to join their heavy psychedelic infused rock group, The Philistines. Cody writes most of the group’s songs on guitar and sings. Kimmie is the group’s lead singer, and unofficial lead dancer on stage as well.

The Philistines released their debut full length “The Backbone Of The Night” on Kansas City’s label “The Record Machine” in May.

Your Musical Forecast | June 2 - June 15

Center Of The City Fest

June 2 - 4 | 7 p.m - 3 a.m. | Davey’s Uptown | 3402 Main Street, Kansas City, Missouri

Ebony Tusks, future Ghost Notes guest, takes the stage at Midnight on June 2 at Davey’s Uptown. Center Of The City Fest is an alternative festival that’s been rocking in Kansas City for five years now. They boast a diverse line-up of folk punk, garage rock, surf, hip hop, and metal.


The Philistines Album Release Show with GAV7D, Annie Cherry, Damian Blake, Jon Piggy Cupit, and Ron Megee


June 4 | 8 p.m. | The Living Room | 1818 McGee Street, Kansas City, Missouri.

The Philistines unleash their debut full length Backbone of The Night. With five acts bolstering this 6-piece psychedelic heavy rock group, you may want to make sure your off work the next day so you have time to process all the good sounds.

Mudstomp Records Presents Saturday Storytellers: Sky Smeed and Scott Stanton

June 4  | 5 - 7 p.m. | Ollie’s Local | 3044 Gilham Road, Kansas City, Missouri

Sky Smeed and Scott Stanton are two storytellers with guitar who will be performing at a newer space called Ollie’s Local, in Martini Corner. It’s an early show, so you can still make it out to The Philistines and whatever else your social calendar can handle that night.

Shapiro Brothers

June 9 | 8 - 11 p.m. | Quinton’s | 7438 Wornall, Kansas City, Missouri

Former Ghost Notes guest Mikal Shapiro performs with her music partner Chad Brothers in their indie folk duo Shapiro Brothers.

Bent Knee (Boston, MA); Jorge Arana Trio; The Great Vehicle

June 13 | 9 p.m. | MiniBar | 3810 Broadway Rd, Kansas City, Missouri

For a packed Monday funday of arty-rock, don’t miss Bent Knee of Boston, Massachusetts with locals the devilish tones of The Jorge Arana Trio and progressive rockers, The Great Vehicle.

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