Mikal Shapiro is a Kansas City singer-songwriter-musician who grew up in suburban Johnson county and remembers never quite fitting in. Her mom studied occult science by mail, and her dad was known for telling extravagant tales. Mikal released her fourth full length album The Musical in April 2015. We’ll dive into her past and how it’s shaped her 20-year musical career.


Your Musical Forecast | May 5 - May 18

Mikal Shapiro Live

May 12 | 7-10 p.m | Jazz Louisiana Kitchen | 1823 West 39th Street, Kansas City, Missouri

Catch Mikal Shapiro at her first show back in KC after a long Midwest tour. Jazz Louisiana Kitchen is the kind of dive where you might scrawl your name on the bar if you had a good time, or scratch some wisdom into the bathroom door. Enjoy Shapiro’s folky-psychedelic-jazzy-rock with some gumbo, or just cut straight to the hurricane.

Middle of the Map Fest

April 27 - May 7  | Many Venues | Kansas City, Missouri

More than 100 bands from all over America and Kansas City will be playing at the biggest Middle of the Map festival yet. It’s so big that you should really just check out their website. There are day-pass and weekend ticket options.

Sundiver / Janet the Planet / Temp Tats

May 6 | Riot Room | 4048 Broadway St, Kansas City, Missouri

If you’re into funky jazz fusion, pure punk rock, or laid back rock and roll; this night will not disappoint. Tell us how it goes at ghostnotespodcast@gmail.com