This week, we hear Erin Mcgrane, AKA Penny from Victor and Penny. She shares her journey towards their new album, Electricy, which is the first body of work Jeff and Erin have created that feature almost all original songs. That’s a great diversion from their previous work of covering American Jazz tunes they dug up through Sonic Archeology.

The idea for Electricy was sparked partly by a tradegy: when Jeff and Erin spent a year preparing to record 60 year-old songs that were written as intimate letters to a friend. Their dreams were smashed when they finally found the song’s composer in a nursing home and he wouldn’t grant them his blessing to record. Erin explains how they recovered and are thriving in their career today.

And here's your musical forecast. 

First, look out for Full Blood’s release called “Mild West”. Their sound toys between 70s and 80s rock bands with a modern flavors. The alto sax player, Logan Richardson, is also releasing his album, "Shift". And a psychedelic rock group called Be/non releasing Mystic Sunrise/Sunset Magic. Drugs and Addicts is playing a show at Blind Tiger on Sat. March 5th with Psychic Heat, Ark Flash, and the Minneapolis based, What Tyrants. 

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