By: Hannah Copeland and Matt Hodapp

If John Coltrane, one of the greatest horn players ever, was on stage trying to impress a crowd, he would completely lose their attention if Ella Fitzgerald grabbed a mic and started singing next to him. That’s the power the human voice.

Dominique Sanders is a bass player and producer who recognizes that power. But, as a producer, he says he cool being in the background of his songs and guiding their tone and trusting his collaborators just like he did on his album released on New Years Eve in 2015. It’s called “A True Story Based On” and it features a dozen world class Kansas City players. 

Your Musical Forecast:

The biggest event coming up is Folk Alliance International February 17th through 21st. Hundreds of musicians are flying, driving, and probably even hitchhiking to Kansas City from all over the world to get in on this event. If you’re looking to make folk, or country music with your career you need to be there. The website is

If you don’t care about folk music! Great! Brie The First Lady, a R&B singer and self proclaimed royalty, is performing at Riot Room on February 11th. For more booty shaking check DJ Spinstyles and Bill Pyle Wednesday night the 23rd at Tank RoomFor good ole’ rock and roll...Shy Boys and Full Bloods are at The Brick on February 26th.

We want to hear about your music events! Nothing is too small or too weird. Email us at and we might read it on our next episode. Thanks for listening.